How to find the best writing coach for you

Google the term writing coach and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Unless you have a personal referral to someone a friend has used before, how do you figure out which one is right for you?

For starters, each coach has his or her own personal style. Coaches who offer a free consultation give you a golden opportunity to experience their style firsthand. But before you decide which of these offers to spend your valuable time on, there’s a way you can eliminate coaching websites that are not targeted to your needs.

Figuring out what kind of coaching you really need can be as easy as reading a description of what kind of writer and writing scenario each coach services. Since it would take you hours to visit all the sites in the top 2-3 pages of search results, I’ve done it for you. Below are the types of writing coaches I found, which fall into 10 main categories

Creativity coach
Writing plans, outlines & mind-mapping
Getting published
Productivity & time management
Plotting your novel
Honing your voice
Book coach (finishing a book; starting a novel)
Manuscript critiques and how to improve your writing
Marketing your book before (or as) you write it

– plus a few specialized areas, such as improving as a blogger or copywriter.

Now when you google “writing coach” you can add the appropriate search terms to narrow your search. Some coaches offer a combination of the various categories, and you might yourself have more than one coaching need. Google your main need and then start with the coach who addresses your main need as well as your sub-needs.

If the website doesn’t offer a free consultation, when you send your email inquiry ask “What’s the best way to become familiar with your coaching style before I decide whether to commit?” If you’re trying to decide between several, you can glean a great deal from how a coach answers this question.

What kind of coaching do I offer?

I’m a creativity coach, specializing in helping you discover or recapture lost passion for your writing.

I’m a productivity coach who can help you write 30,000 words or more the easy way.

I’m a book coach. I can help you finish your book. Or get started if you haven’t started yet!

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