Leigh’s success story


I HAD NO IDEA what to expect from my first consultation with Milli.

Leigh Lauck, happy coaching client at Writer's Muse Coaching Service

Leigh Lauck, happy coaching client

Prior to our meeting, I had not written anything of substance in seven years. I knew I wanted to write again. Writing creatively had once been an important and fulfilling part of my life. But before working with Milli, the very thought of sitting down to write filled me with a fear and anxiety I could not explain. I would do anything to avoid writing: vacuuming the house, organizing my closet, planning my vegetable garden six months in advance. I was totally paralyzed.

During our meeting, I found myself having revelation after liberating revelation about my writing. I learned that the fear and anxiety I felt, the voice telling me that I had nothing interesting to say, that I was no writer and never would be, was just that: a nasty critical voice that knows nothing about creativity. It’s the voice that keeps us from doing the things in our lives that are meaningful for us; it keeps us from following our dreams.

Once I was able to separate that negative voice from myself and see it for what it is, the fear and feelings of intimidation began to dissolve. Milli also encouraged me to write without expectations about outcomes. That was an incredible breakthrough for me. All of a sudden, I had permission to write for pleasure and fun without worrying about what it would amount to. I didn’t have to sweat over every word I put on the page, or lament my lack of solid plotting. Milli showed me that all of that editing and refining could come later. Those things have no business in a first draft. All that’s needed in the initial writing is to let it flow.

I had two major brainstorms during that first consultation about an idea for a novel that had long ago stumped me and dried up. We weren’t even talking on that subject at the time. I’m convinced these brainstorms came organically because Milli helped me connect with my creative self again. That self had been stifled for so long. Now that it was invited back into my life, it had a lot to say.

I couldn’t wait to get started with a coaching program. I got my first assignment and wrote 10,000 words over five days. I was having so much fun, and was so delighted to see I could still be creative, I had to tear myself away from the laptop to tend to the necessities of life: eating, sleeping, and spending time with my husband!

Sure, there are still moments when the voice rears up and tries to fill me with self-doubt. But now I am able to work through it, and I find that the more I ignore that voice, the quieter and meeker it becomes.

Milli has an uncanny ability to see into you as an individual and find the right strategies and insights, just for you, to set your creative self free. She’s so passionate about her coaching it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Milli is following her dream as a writing coach, and it shows. Milli rescued the writer in me, and I am grateful.

Thank you, Milli!

Leigh Lauck, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico


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