Judith’s success story

Curly-quotes-L-30Living the writer’s life in the real world was tough. I was trying to turn one of my early stories into a novel and ran into all kinds of trouble.

Judith Shaw

Judith Shaw, happy coaching client

I gritted my teeth and kept on writing. But if someone asked what I did, I was not so quick to answer “I’m a writer.” I was overwhelmed by what I had taken on, but didn’t know how to exit without being a failure.

Then I hooked up with Milli via her Writers’ Muse Coaching Service. We talked at length about the problems I was having with my writing and quickly agreed to shelve the novel for the time being and get back to having some fun. It was a huge weight off my back.

Milli and I have a phone conference every week to talk about the week that was and plan assignments for the next week. I’m happy to see myself taking an active role in the planning process. I feel independent and cared for at the same time.

I originally signed up for a 12-week coaching module, with an assignment and coaching session every week. I’ve just renewed it for another 12 weeks. Instead of the novel, I’m writing stories about life with Tom, my beloved Morgan horse, and I’m learning that just because the writing comes easily doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

If I run into problems, Milli helps me solve them. Last week I was working on a fairy tale I’d started that I wanted to expand. It was going absolutely nowhere. When I told Milli I felt stuck, she showed me how I’d painted my character into a corner, then she helped me find a different direction to take the story. What a relief.

My confidence that I will one day be an independent writer is growing. But for now, I’m having fun working with my Writer’s Muse.

—Judith Shaw, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

January 12, 2015 News Update: Judith now has her own website! Featuring stories she has written during her time here at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service, you can visit Judith online at Stories by Judith.

October 10, 2017 News Update: Working closely with Milli, Judith went back to her novel and finished it. The book, entitled Charley’s Horse, is now in production and will be available after Christmas on Kindle and in print.



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