About Milli Thornton

Milli Thornton of Writer's Muse Coaching ServiceSINCE 2001, Milli has been inspiring writers through her book, blogs, websites, workshops and online courses.

Author of the creatively unleashing book, Fear of Writing (now in its third edition), Milli is a travel blogger and screenwriter with two completed scripts and a third script in the works. Her evergreen course, Fear of Writing Online Course, has been helping writers since 2001.

Her gentle, fun and supportive attitude has helped many writers heal from old creative wounds, or rediscover a passion for writing that got buried along the way.

Milli has also helped many “closet writers” come out of the closet and believe in their ability to write. Her methods go straight to the heart of creativity and she has a knack for motivating writers to get something new written.

About coaching other writers, Milli said, “Besides the joys and terrors of my own writing life, I love nothing more than being a catalyst and a listening ear to help fellow writers blossom. I was somehow born with a knack for seeing the potential in other writers . . . I love to exercise that knack through verbal encouragement, as well as assignments designed to coax the natural writer from within.”

Her writing assignments are often deceptively easy, tricking the writer into painlessly producing material that the writer didn’t realize she had waiting within.